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Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life.  Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast.

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Recent podcasts

#27 – A Thousand Words Paints a Picture  thousand-words-paints-a-picture-660x400Donna and Kevann are back with all new episodes of Grow on the Go! This week, they chat about how one event can leave such a wide spectrum of perspectives among people. John was one of four writers who contributed to painting a picture of Jesus. Donna wraps up her teaching series on John by answering 4 questions:



collisions-with-truth#26 – Collisions with Truth 

How much does truth matter? Lying doesn’t seem like a big deal when it isn’t going to hurt anyone and if, in fact, it might actually prevent hurt. But what if it isn’t just a theoretical thing; what if Truth is a person?


life-diverted#25 – Life Diverted
Donna welcomes Lauren Klukas to Grow on the Go. Lauren shares her journey of having to abandon the life she planned for the different one God had in store for her. Donna gleans from Lauren’s journey the life lessons she learned along the way and helps us learn from her experience.


A photo by João Silas. – Bumper Crop Christians

Kevann and Donna talk about the frustration they experience at their lack of progress in being more like Jesus: more patient, kind, etc. Often the ways we process that frustration can be destructive. We can beat ourselves up or give up altogether. There’s got to be another way! Donna wraps up her teaching of the vine and the branches (John 15) focusing on bearing fruit and helping us become bumper crop Christians.

process-of-elimination#23 – The Process of Elimination

Before they get to talking about how pruning eliminates unhealthy growth from a vine, Donna and Kevann take a detour to an unpleasant but in retrospect hilarious story about another type of elimination. They also discuss personal examples of thing that God has pruned out of each of their lives.

coming-home#22 – Coming Home

Kevann and Donna talk about the attraction of coming home and what that means for each of them. In this first of three podcasts on John 15’s parable of the vine and the branches and Donna teaches on belonging.

experience#21 – Experience

On this podcast, Kevann and Donna talk about how the same experience can affect individuals so differently.



#20 – When you feel invisible

Born into a family of strong leaders, Kevann talks about having her own leadership ability overlooked at home. Donna shares why she felt invisible growing up as the compliant child between two sisters.


gotg-wrestlingorresting#19 – Wrestling or Resting

After talking about the Carter girls’ strange love of wrestling, Kevann and Donna get down to talking about how our view of God determines whether we wrestle with him for control or rest in his arms.



#18 – Shadows in the Dark

On this podcast, Donna and Kevann talk about their own spiritual blind spots and how to bring light to dark shadows in life. In the teach time, Donna unpacks John 9 where Jesus heals a blind man in a weird way on the wrong day.


gotg-dinner#17 – Dinner and a Show

After talking about their mutual love of portmanteaus and various stage performance disasters, Kevann and Donna have a conversation about people’s motives for following Jesus in John’s day, but also now. In the first century many people were more interested in fish and bread than the bread of life.


#16 – Seek Healing

At last Donna introduces us to her other daughterKendall. Together they talk about Kendall’s amazing journey of being healed and participating with God in healing others.


gotg-stairwaytoheaven#15 – Stairway to Heaven

Did you know Jesus called himself the stairway to heaven? Kevann and Donna go from talking about the controversy concerning the song to the one surrounding the real stairway to Heaven.


gotg-ight-place#14 – The Importance of Timing

Timing is everything. Being somewhere right when something pivotal happens can change your life. On this podcast, Donna and Kevann talk about how this has happened for them in both trivial and profound ways. Make the most out of life and Grow on the Go!


gotg-embrace#13 – Embrace Your Creator

Kevann has experienced more personal expressions of God’s care for her than anyone else Donna knows! In this episode, Kevann gets very vulnerable as mother and daughter talk together about those very stories, how they express the intimate nature of the relationship God wants with us, and how to embrace it to the fullest.


#12 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Invest Wisely

Kevann and Donna chat about how we can invest our lives in things that really matter instead of adopting the short term investment strategies of our culture. Learn direction as to what the Bible says about how to form and weigh your values so that your investment portfolios are weighted for the long-term.

goto-travellight#11 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Travel Light

Our painful pasts,  present pressure and fears of the future can weigh us down and suck the joy out of life. Donna and Kevann discuss how an accurate perspective of God can help us leave our baggage behind.

gotg-seekjustice#10 – Seek Justice

Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that God just wants regular church attendance and general niceness from us. In this interview with Elise Shelly, Donna unpacks what it means to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.

gotg-pain#9 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Leverage Pain

When pain invades our lives we have choices to make. Kevann and Donna converse about their personal experiences and Donna teaches on how choosing God’s strategies for coping can leverage our pain for good.

gotg-purity#8 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Protect Your Purity

God’s design for sex is meant to help us live the beautiful life God wants for us. Donna and Kevann discuss what purity means for both singles and married people, why it’s so important, and how that purity can be protected in a sexually insistent culture.

gotg-words#7 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Watch Your Words

Today on Grow on the Go, Kevann and Donna discuss the power of words to inflict violence on peoples’ hearts or to breath life into a dying soul. The Bible teaches that our words can actually invite people to live or invite them to die. Donna unpacks this today and also the healing words Jesus speaks over us; words that can literally affect our eternity.

gotg_greiving#6 – Grieve with Hope

Donna chats with her friend Shirley Thiessen about how grief has brought them together and what God has taught them each through the loss of precious loved ones. Donna looks at what the Bible has to say about the home God is preparing for us on the new earth. She also shares how we can thrive until we are reunited with loved ones who are already experiencing the exciting life that God promises to those who place their faith in Jesus.

gotg-risks#5 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Take Risks

How can we get our of our comfort zone and do the things we dream of doing? Today, Donna and Kevann talk about what keeps us stuck in our ordinary lives instead of taking responsibility for what’s going on in the world around us. Donna will shows us through individuals from the Bible, as well as in present day, how to overcome feelings of fear and insignificance so that we can make a difference.

gotg-bridges#4 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Build Bridges

Building Bridges is all about forgiveness and trust – not necessarily trusting people, but trusting God! Donna shows us through the lives of three unlikely Bible characters that God is with us in every relational firestorm we face and he holds our hearts. Kevann and Donna discuss why Christ-followers have no choice but to bravely build bridges and walk across them.

gotg-fence#3 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Build Boundaries

On this podcast, Donna and Kevann discuss how God has boundaries and he wants us to have them too. In fact we can learn a lot about building, repairing and maintaining boundaries by looking at the life of Gideon. Donna unpacks Gideon’s story for us and also gives really practical advice about how to modify our behavior so that others begin to treat us with respect.

gotg-think#2 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Think Big

Today Donna and Kevann dive into the first chapter of Donna’s latest book, Kick the Boring Out of Your Life: Think Big, Take Risks, Travel Light. Life can be very busy but still leave us uninspired. Shifting our attention beyond our daily minutia can help us Think Big.

gotg-donna#1 – Meet Donna and Kevann and Grow on the Go

In the debut episode of Grow on the Go, author and speaker Donna Carter and her daughter Kevann discuss the busyness of women today, the importance of growing in our relationship with God and how we can do that on the go.