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Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life. Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast. See a complete list of podcasts .  Find your earbuds, charge up your device or grab your laptop and get ready to grow! Listen in online at Faith Strong Today  or you can also find the Grow on the Go Podcast on iTunes.

Introducing The Share Show!  Not a Cher Show. A regular part of the Grow on the Go podcast for you to share with your friends that don’t know yet know God.

Listen with a questions in mind: who do I know who doesn’t have a relationship with God? Who would benefit from hearing this? Sharing the show will create an opportunity for you to have a spiritual conversation with that friend by introducing them to faith in a positive, non-threatening way. We can’t wait to hear about those conversations!

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Recent Podcasts

Season 5 Episode 33 –  Who is in Control Here? – In this weeks Share Show, Donna & Kevann discuss those things in our lives that are beyond our control. It’s natural to be uncomfortable in these situations, but through personal stories and the wisdom of others we evaluate the possibility that God really is in control, and that he can be trusted with everything that touches our lives. It’s our choice whether we lean in and trust him, or fight against him.

Season 5 Episode 32 – Enemies of the Heart- There are plenty of things we learn from our parents, but monitoring what’s going on in our hearts isn’t usually one of those lessons. Instead, we are taught to control our words and our actions. Today on Grow on the Go, Donna is joined by her husband Randy to discuss the powerful emotions we all deal with, and how the Bible instructs us to handle each one.

Season 5 Episode 31 – Do Christian’s Need to Go to Church? This week, Donna & Kevann talk about the spiritual practices that are in our power, so that one day we can do things beyond our current ability.   Attending church includes many of these practices, but they aren’t the only ones.   God uses things like inconvenience to make us into the best person we can be right now!

Season 5 Episode 30 – A Mother’s Legacy – This week, Donna and Kevann talk about motherhood, and the inevitability of leaving a legacy — whether you intend to, or not! Donna opens up about her guilt surrounding certain mistakes she made as a parent, and they explore how to leave a faithful legacy through Playing home movies, Praying expectantly, and Paying

Season 5 Episode 29 – Seen, Known, Loved.  In today’s Share Show, Donna uses the biblical story of Hagar to explain how no one is a minor character to God. Every single person is seen by God, known better than we even know ourselves, and fills an important role in the history of the world. In times when we feel invisible, anonymous and powerless, it is important to remember the truth that God knows us, and loves us more than we can possibly imagine.

Season 5 Episode 28 – Wear a Mask, Not a Cape.   It’s difficult to respond appropriately when approached by a panhandler. Especially as a Christian — ignoring someone living such a difficult life feels wrong. Yet some Christian organizations warn against giving money to them. This week, Donna welcomes Andrew Gusztak of The Mustard Seed Ministry in Calgary to explain his analogy of wearing a mask, not a cape, to help the homeless.

Season 5 Episode 27 – Five Friends Everyone Needs– Whether we are introverted or extroverted, man or woman, we all need people in our lives to be all that we can be. This week on Grow on the Go, Donna & Kevann open up about the friends they’ve had who met those needs, and how such relationships can help us grow.

Season 5 Episode 26 –  Women Rising Up  – This week, Donna invites her good friend Michelle Free Woeckener about the experiences that have propelled her to host the Rise Up Summit for women. They discuss the things they’ve lost this year, and what God has offered to them in it’s place. God’s invitation is to rise up in joy and friendship!


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