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Dear Younger Me,

If you could write a letter to the younger version of yourself, what would you say?  What lessons and insights would you share?  What have you learned that the younger version of you would find valuable?  Introducing a new series on Grow on the Go called “Dear Younger Me” where Donna visits with women who share what they’ve learned in the last 5 years that they wish they could share with their younger selves. Inspired from the Mercy Me song “Dear Younger Me” Donna and Grow on the Go listeners will hear from women with a variety of life experiences with letters to share.   Dear Younger Me starts on Tuesday September 5th on Faith Strong Today.  You can also find the Grow on the Go Podcast on iTunes.



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Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life.  Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast. See a complete list of podcasts .  Grow on the Go is back with new episodes and series starting on Tuesday, September 5th!  Find your earbuds, charge up your device, grab that laptop and get ready to grow!


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Season 2 Episode 5Dear Younger Me: Lead with Love – This week’s episode of Grow on the Go continues our Dear Younger Me series, only this time, the tables have turned! I (Kevann) ask my Mom (Donna) about some of the big changes she’s gone through in the past few years. We discuss how childhood fibs, the love of performing, and the desire to “sparkle” (her word, not mine) were all symptoms of the fear of not being enough. We also chat about how God used some seriously disheartening experiences to show Donna how to lead with love.


Donna-and-Kevann-Carter-e1506439130389-768x432Season 2 Episode 4Dear Younger Me: Look Inward, Love Outward

Kev’s openness about the competition she engaged in and the resulting hatred she felt for other girls and women is something that I believe will resonate with all kinds and ages of women. The two of us chat about the paradigm shift that enabled her to drop out of the competition, appreciate the art and accomplishments of others, and enjoy being your unique self. She leaves us with a profound passage from The Message, Galatians 6:1-5


christian-gertenbach-141756-768x432Season 2 Episode 3Dear Younger Me; In Spite of Myself

Donna’s new friend Hilarie shares what she has learned and wishes she knew long ago. Having only become a Christian in her forties, she had a lot of unhealthy choices to overcome and patterns to conquer.


Season 2 Episode 2Dear Younger Me: Finding Your Voice

Donna talks to her 70 something friend Helene about recently learning to freely express her true self. Helene long feared losing love if she ever honestly voices her opinion. In speaking to her younger self, she describes how she overcame that fear and what it’s like to find your voice after so many decades of leaving her thoughts unexpressed.

Dear Younger Me - Shirley ThiessenSeason 2 Episode 1Dear Younger Me; From Entitlement to Gratitude – Grow on the Go listeners will hear from women with a variety of life experiences with letters to share. This week, I’m chatting with my friend Shirley Theissen about how a traumatic loss in her forties taught her to live in surrender to God, rather than expecting God to reward her “good behavior” and obedience with blessings. As Shirley tells her younger self what she wishes she knew much earlier in her life, other younger women can lean in and learn from Shirley’s experience.

Friend-Me-Lessons-in-Loneliness-366x205#49 – Friend Me –  Lessons in Loneliness – In this final episode of the series based on my book Friend Me, Kevann and I chat about when loneliness becomes destructive and when it is redemptive. Sharing from personal experiences of friendlessness, learn why sometimes God isolates us for a time, not to punish us, but to draw our attention to our relationship with Him or another important relationship we’re neglecting. We’ll also explore the parable of the vine and the branches to see why trying to get from others what only God can give results in frustration and even deeper loneliness.

Friend-Me-How-to-Find-a-Friend-768x432#48 – Friend Me – How to Find a Friend – Have you ever had struggles finding friendship, especially in new chapters of life? Getting practical, real-world strategies for forming new friendships.




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