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Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life. Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast. See a complete list of podcasts .  Find your earbuds, charge up your device or grab your laptop and get ready to grow! Listen in online at Faith Strong Today  or you can also find the Grow on the Go Podcast on iTunes.

Introducing The Share Show!  Not a Cher Show. A regular part of the Grow on the Go podcast for you to share with your friends that don’t know yet know God.

Listen with a questions in mind: who do I know who doesn’t have a relationship with God? Who would benefit from hearing this? Sharing the show will create an opportunity for you to have a spiritual conversation with that friend by introducing them to faith in a positive, non-threatening way. We can’t wait to hear about those conversations!

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Season 5 Episode 15 – My Friends Don’t Want to Hear About Jesus, Do They? Donna and Kevann reintroduce a podcast I recorded last year with my hubby Randy Carter. We discuss a lie we tend to believe, that people aren’t interested in learning about Jesus. We talk about the legitimate reasons people become disenfranchised by the church, but does that mean they aren’t attracted to Jesus? Our fear of not having all the answers often prevents us from doing the most powerful thing we can do, and that’s to share parts of our story as it comes out naturally in authentic friendship.


Season 5 Episode 14 – Loving Your Neighbour in a PandemicGuest Licia Corbella recently had a column published in the Calgary Herald that really made me think. In this podcast, we try to insert some biblical perspective into the facemask discussion. As a thoughtful Christian and an accomplished journalist, Licia brings some original thoughts to the controversy. We discuss the balance between rights and responsibility and what it looks like to love our neighbour in the midst of a pandemic in very practical ways.

Season 5 Episode 13 – Introducing The Share Show – Want to know how to have a spiritual conversation with someone? Donna and Kevann want to help! On this podcast, you’ll hear about a new idea rolling out later this month called the “Share Show” where they will discussing an interesting topic designed for you to share with your friends who don’t yet know God. Listen with a questions in mind: who do I know who doesn’t have a relationship with God? Who would benefit from hearing this? Sharing the show will create an opportunity for you to have a spiritual conversation with that friend by introducing them to faith in a positive, non-threatening way. We can’t wait to hear about those conversations!

Season 5 Episode 12 – Walking the Good Road. With Christmas coming, let’s find a fresh way to look at the Christmas story! This episode of the podcast explores the First Nations Version of the Gospels, called Walking the Good Road. There is such a beauty in the Native cadence, which flows in their oral tradition of storytelling, and idiom that is particularly relevant to Indigenous culture. Learn what the First Nations Culture has in common with the culture of the Jewish people in the Bible.

Season 5 Episode 11 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Feeling misunderstood is something all families go through, but the tension it causes is varied. This week, Donna and Kevann talk about those points in their own relationship, discussing openly a stage of life when healthy communication wasn’t happening. They also share the pivot point where they began to repair that disconnect. Of course, the Bible shows us we’re not alone and that Jesus also had these experiences. From the way He handled His hurt, we can learn to deal with ours, especially if the understanding gap has to do with our faith and our calling.

Season 5 Episode – 10 – Meet the Hot and Holy Lady – Ruth Clarence – Known as the “Christian Dr. Ruth,” Ruth Clarence is a counsellor and coach specializing in sexual intimacy. She joins the podcast to talk about what God thinks about a sexual relationship between a husband and wife and why remaining uneducated is not what God wants for us. This is an open and honest conversation with helpful strategies for turning a humdrum sex life into one that is satisfying for both partners.

Season 5 Episode 9 – Why I Believe the Bible – Why do you believe the Bible? It’s a question every Christian should ask and be able to answer. In this podcast, Donna and Kevann share and discuss an old family document that inspired the conversation and why things like archeology, philosophy and even astrophysics strike a chord of relevance to our everyday lives of faith.

Season 5 Episode 8 – Taking the High Road –  When it comes to conflict, we can choose to be Avoiders, Attackers, or Peace-makers. In this podcast, Donna shares with Kevann a season of grief in her life when had had to engage in conflict with several important relationships. They discuss the difference between peace-makers and peacekeepers and the difference between overlooking offense and living in denial. Is there a difference between calling someone out and calling them in? Find out on this episode of Grow on the Go.

Season 5 Episode 7 – Disappointment Pivot –  Donna and Kevann talk about the buffet of disappointments COVID-19 has brought to people and how we are coping with them. If God is in control, why doesn’t he end this thing? They explore Scripture where Isaiah compared our complaining to God with clay talking back to the sculptor. There we find how God wants us to deal with our disappointments. They also talk about modern and Biblical day role models who show us how to allow God to use our disappointment and frustration to refine our character and help us learn to be compliant clay.

Season 5 Episode 6 – What Not to Wear – Donna and Kevann discuss the inner clothing described by the Apostle Paul in Colossians 3. Their conversation takes them down the roads of how we treat people who are different from us, sexuality and forgiveness. Work through how to practically take off our sweaty, dirty inner clothes and what the spiritual equivalent of the little black dress is.

Season 5 Episode 5 – How Does a Human Know God? There is a difference between knowing about God and actually knowing Him. Shared experience is the heart of any relationship. How can we have experiences with God? Kev and I talk about shopping, lunching and generally hanging out with God. We get into the specifics of sharing the experiences of Jesus with him and making ourselves aware of the ways Jesus shares our experiences with us.

Season 5 Episode 4 – Sitting Down with Darrel Janz – This week, Kevann sits down with Canadian broadcasting legend Darrel Janz. We discuss his work today with Inspiring Albertans and he shares some of the stories that made the most profound influence. Through it all, we ask ourselves what it means to be called to serve, and is there a right or wrong way to answer that call?

Season 5 Episode 3 – The Truth About You – Kevann and Donna have a heart to heart about what we see when we look in the mirror. We discuss our desperation to hide the parts of ourselves that we reject and the various “fig leaves” we use to hide our shame. We explore our tendency to become overly attached to what makes us special and build our whole identity on that one part of us. To learn how to extract our true identity from the false identities we’ve built to gain acceptance, we look at what Jesus knew that made him dangerously and gloriously free.

Season 5 Episode 2 – Resilience in the Winds of Change – What do Leonardo DiCaprio and the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31 have in common? They’ve both experienced winds of change and survived. Kevann and I talk about how we can withstand and rebound from the storms in our lives and deliberately build resilience. We also discuss what happens when change rocks our world and we haven’t taken steps to anchor our souls to God.

Season 5 Episode 1 – What’s With the Christian Obsession with Journalling? – Is journaling for every Christian? Did Jesus journal? These are some of the questions Kevann and I discuss in this first podcast together in almost six months. We talk about the different kinds of journaling we’ve done and the benefits we’ve experienced from it. We discuss its value to internal processors vs. external processors and explore emotional callouses and bullet journaling


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