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Kick the Boring Out of Your Staycation.

Donna is talking about creating and making change on the Grow on the Go Podcast and is offering her Kick the Boring Out of Your Life book. You can buy your copy of Kick the Boring Out for $10 plus shipping and read it this summer!

Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life. Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast. See a complete list of podcasts .  Find your earbuds, charge up your device or grab your laptop and get ready to grow! Listen in online at Faith Strong Today  or you can also find the Grow on the Go Podcast on iTunes.

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Recent Podcasts


Season 4 Episode 45 – A McHistory of the Bible. – Donna welcomes her  history-loving friend Paul Gifford into the virtual blanket fort to talk about a history book, of all things. As a Sunday school teacher and avid Bible reader, it was Paul’s curiosity about what appear to be gaps in the biblical record that caused him to pick up this book. There is so much context surrounding the scripture narrative that requires deeper digging. Paul discovered that doing that digging can help us read between the lines of scripture and find deeper meaning.

Season 4 Episode 43 – Feeding the Gospel to Your Kids – Family friend Evan Menzies joins the podcast to talk about a book that totally changed the way he parents, as well as lives. They discuss the secret sauce of parenting, the idea that families are groups of sinners living under one roof, and showing vulnerability to your kids when you’ve done something wrong. Learn why every interaction with your child is an opportunity to feed the Gospel into them in this episode of Grow on the Go.

Season 4 Episode 42 – Confronting Racism with Wendy Lowe – This week, Wendy Lowe helps us Grow on the Go through and open and honest discussion about racism in Canada. She is the Senior Pastor at NEXT Christian Community, serving Christian compassion ministries as well as teaching leadership and team building in the corporate sector. Wendy talks with Donna about the racism hidden in our own hearts and how not acting hatefully toward anyone is not enough for a Christ-follower. Learn why confronting racism is Kingdom work and the ways we can each make a difference in this podcast episode.

Season 4 Episode 42 – Gait Traits of Jesus – Intimate Friendship – We all need people who know our hearts and have our backs. In this episode, Donna and Randy Carter discuss the importance of intimate friendships. These are the people who help us succeed in reaching our goals, rescue us when we’re in over our heads, are real and vulnerable with us, and fight for us when we’re too weak to fight for ourselves. Learn how to find that kind of friend and how to be that kind of friend in this Grow on the Go podcast.

Season 4 Episode 41 – Gait Traits of Jesus: Intimacy with God -Jesus pursued Intimacy with his Father from the beginning to the end of his life. What does that look like for us? This week, Donna and Randy talk together about how intimacy with God resembles emotional intimacy with a spouse or close friend. They talk about what we can do to stay spiritually healthy, sharing 7 ways to connect deeply with God, including the ways that work best for them based on their unique personalities.

Season 4 Episode 40 – Gait Traits of Jesus: Obedience and Surrender – What did John mean when he invited us to walk as Jesus walked? Do we have to go green and stop driving? No, it means we need to follow him closely and adopt his gait traits. One of these traits was to surrender to and obey his Father. Donna and Randy Carter chat about what the Bible teaches us about Jesus’ obedience to God, discussing why surrender is about our attitude and obedience is the action that comes from our motivation. What does it look like for us to surrender and obey today? It’s not about trying harder.

Season 4 Episode 39 – The Ruby Challenge with Michelle Woekener – Helping busy women grow is what this podcast is all about. Michelle Woeckener shares this passion and joins the program to talk with Donna about an exciting project she is working on. It’s called The Ruby Challenge and it looks to help women find their unique purpose in life and live it out with determination and confidence. Learn all about it in this week’s episode of Grow on the Go.

Season 4 Episode 38 – Reboot, Rethink – Leveraging Your Pain – The power of our words can lift others up and drag them down. This week on the podcast, Donna and Randy Carter share personal stories to illustrate several strategies you can use to leverage your pain. They talk about the tyranny of our culture to dictate what we desire, and the necessity of filtering our values through the grid of scripture. Learn how we can respond to the embrace of our Father and the beautiful the future He has for us.

This series is based on the book Kick the Boring out of Your Life by Donna Carter. You can receive a special offer on this book by emailing donna@donnacarter.org.

Season 4 Episode 37 – Reboot, Rethink – The Power of Labels Donna and Randy Carter continue talking about how to kick the boring out of our lives, discussing how labels can both damage us and empower us. They chat about how being casual with our purity is like dangling off a cliff and why the pain in our lives allows us to choose our identity.

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