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Summer sparks creativity. While Donna won’t be podcasting over the summer, she will be thinking, praying and planning for fall’s podcasts and wouldd love to hear your ideas! Anything you’d like to hear Kevann and Donna chat about? Any issue you’d like them to explore and share? Leave your comments here and we’ll see what the Bible has to say in response!

As fall creeps closer we’ll be giving some hints as to what our lineup of new series will be. You can influence that. Give us your thoughts and stay tuned!

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Share your love of Friend Me with other women who would benefit from an encouraging book about the value of friendships.  Buy a copy for yourself for $15.00 and a copy is donated to a woman who might need to read it!  You choose on the number you want to donate!

Currently all donated books will sent to a women’s recovery centres Calgary. Go here to donate!


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Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life.  Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast. See a complete list of podcasts .  Grow on the Go will be taking a summer vacation….catch up on episodes you’ve missed!


Recent Podcasts

Friend-Me-Lessons-in-Loneliness-366x205#49 – Friend Me –  Lessons in Loneliness – In this final episode of the series based on my book Friend Me, Kevann and I chat about when loneliness becomes destructive and when it is redemptive. Sharing from personal experiences of friendlessness, learn why sometimes God isolates us for a time, not to punish us, but to draw our attention to our relationship with Him or another important relationship we’re neglecting. We’ll also explore the parable of the vine and the branches to see why trying to get from others what only God can give results in frustration and even deeper loneliness.

Friend-Me-How-to-Find-a-Friend-768x432#48 – Friend Me – How to Find a Friend – Have you ever had struggles finding friendship, especially in new chapters of life? Getting practical, real-world strategies for forming new friendships.



Friend Me Surrender-Your-Expectations-768x432#47 – Friend Me – Surrender Your Expectations – Virtually all the anger, stress and conflict we experience in life is inflicted on us because of our expectations.




Friend Me The-Road-Less-Traveled-768x432#46 – Friend Me – The Road Less Travelled Learn why forgiveness is a path we choose to walk and how to know you’re at the end when you get there.




Friend-Me-Courage-to-Confront-768x432#45 – Friend Me – Courage to Confront – There are times when we get to a place in a relationship where the only way to continue together is to have a confrontation.




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