Hot Apple Cider


hot apple cider cover“Enjoy some Hot Apple Cider by the fireplace! It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul…but with meat! Donna was one of thirty Canadian authors invited to contribute to this great anthology; lots of short, inspiring story-driven chapters, perfect for a cold winter’s evening. Take advantage of our special price!”
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“My heart was certainly touched and my soul softened as I read the inspirational short stories which complete this book. Written by Christian authors who admit that they feel compelled to write, and hope that their writing might touch someone, somewhere; they have achieved their purposes here. These writers include a concert performer, an actor, TV producer, TV host, radio host, journalists, editors, pastors, medical doctors, teachers, missionaries and public speakers. Many voices of wisdom and love reach out to the reader in the form of stories about the cancer-stricken teenager who befriended a street bum, to the conversion story of a young woman who found Jesus in a drug dealer’s apartment, to a successful blind date, and to a medical doctor who came close to being bitten by a cobra. These stories may be read individually or all at once, it matters not.”

Good Reads review

“A friend gave me a copy of “Hot Apple Cider” to read and I could not put it down. From the first story I felt drawn into the plight of this poor woman who lost her husband while vacationing in Australia. I felt her pain as if I had been there with her. When I finished the story I wanted to know more about this new friend I had made on the pages of this book.

As I read on through the book I delighted in finding more stories of great Canadian authors who shared their personal stories. I felt some how closer to these authors through reading personal accounts of their lives.

Like the perfect cup of hot apple cider with a mysterious blend of delicious spices the book left me wondering what flavour of story would come next. The book is filled with such a delightful collection of fiction and non-fiction stories on a variety of subjects. Some of the stories made me think, question or evaluate my own life, while other stories were sheer pleasure.

The next time you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend I highly recommend this book.”

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