Friendship can get itchy.

AngryFriendsMost close friendships go through a season like the “seven-year itch” experienced by many married couples.  Sadly, it’s at this point that many friends make the same mistakes as married couples who pull the plug and file for divorce, judging that the work required to repair the relationship would come at too great a price.

The price to pay is risk – the risk of emotional vulnerability.  All relational repair is dangerous.  It’s the one thing to risk baring your heart and sharing your unguarded self with a friend who makes you feel close, safe and accepted.  It’s quite another to hazard your heart to someone you’re not even sure you still want in your life.

But a woman who doesn’t let her guard down, doesn’t speak her heart, and doesn’t listen to the heart of her friend will never experience the coziness of winter, warmed by the crackling fire of mature relationship.  She won’t even know if such a state is possible.  Many women describe themselves as lonely because they’ve never gotten to this place.  They gave up in autumn and watched their friendships wither and die.  All of the friendships God had brought into their lives have come and gone without ever reaching the tranquility of winter because these women have been too afraid to go deeper, where there’s risk of getting hurt and having to work to repair rifts in the relationship.

– an adapted excerpt from Friend Me – turning faces into lasting friendships.


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