friends holding hands

A Friend

As we walk through these last moments with my Dad I am comforted by words and thoughts that have been shared with me over the years.  I recently came across another poem my dear friend Sonja sent to me years ago.  How I am blessed by my friendships.

A Friend – by Jane Toote

My soul cried

The driving winds and rains lashed fiercely about me

I stumbled, searching wildly in my mind

Reaching out from the confusion in my heart

                                And she was there

                                And understood

                                And cried with me


My soul gazed up

The raging winds were stilled and the cool calm

Dark of night, surrounded me. I looked up.

And spoke to God and felt his peaceful presence there.

                                And she was there

                                And understood

                                And prayed with me

 dark of night


My soul soared

The wind blew soft and cool against my face

The misty clouds drift over a silver moon

And thanked God for the ecstasy of love

                                And she was there

                                And understood

                                And smiled with me.

 friends holding hands

Love Sonja

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