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Isaiah 55

A prayer for myself- Isaiah 55

A prayer.

I love Steven Curtis Chapman’s oldie but goodie Higher Ways taken from Isaiah 55:

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts…

And my ways are far beyond anything you can imagine.”

God’s thoughts are all-encompassing. They include past, present and the eternal future. They include everyone and everything he created. His thoughts are absolutely pure; in harmony with his character.cloudy-sky-14499-2560x1600

By contrast, my thoughts are short-sighted. My idea of long-term is saving money for retirement. Seldom am I thinking about saving souls from a desolate eternity. I am incapable of an entire train of thought untainted by self-interest- let alone objectively taking into account the environment, the people of every nation and the generations that will follow me.

My prayer today is that God will infiltrate my thoughts, making me more reflective and responsible. Maybe that’s your prayer too.