To All the Warrior Moms

To all the warrior moms,

To be a mother is to know indescribable joy and unendurable pain. Once you become a mother, your heart is never safe again. With each hurt our children suffer, we suffer. We take their pain on ourselves when we can and we suffer even more when we can’t. When our children are tender with us our hearts throb with joy and when they are cruel, we love them even more fiercely. We hurt when we have to pull away from our clinging child and hurt even more when we want to hold them close and they push us away.

Warrior moms sacrifice what they have, what they do and even who they are to meet the needs of their children. They do what they feel they can’t possibly do because their child needs them to. They hope that someday, they will enjoy a rich relationship with this child who has cost them so much but they know that even if they never do, they will never stop loving.

Warrior moms go to battle for their children with their vulnerable hearts on the outside of their chests. They fight for their children’s physical, emotional and mental health, they fight bullies, they fight addiction and harmful relationships. They fight to educate, nurture, provide for and protect their children.

If Mother’s Day passes without anyone else honouring you, know this: You matter. You’ve made a difference whether it is acknowledged or not. You didn’t do it all right but you did your best. And it is enough.



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