Kick the Boring Out of Your Life

how to get out of a boring life“Is your life busy but humdrum? Are you looking for purpose…for enthusiasm?  In Kick the Boring Out of Your Life, Donna Carter helps you craft a lifestyle you’ll love.  You’ll get the straight scoop for cutting through life’s clutter to say yes to what’s important, repairing relationships when communication breaks down, and putting the world’s problems in perspective so you aren’t overwhelmed.”

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“I picked up the book & was gripped. “Our ordinary lives can have deep significance when we live intentionally and take risks. But they tend to become extremely superficial if we don’t.” MY life is ever so ordinary and often feels lack luster & just plain busy. Donna says that God sees us differently that we see ourselves. He sees what he placed within us by design. I want to live an exciting, meaningful life, not one of doldrums. I think most people want this.”

You can tell the writer is a speaker/storyteller. The words flowed smoothly and it was a pleasure to read. Some lovely, poignant moments when writing about her sister. All in all this is a solid book that will help kickstart many women move from a stagnant life with the Lord into one full of of life. The book kept to a general theme but covered a variety of life areas in which it can be applied. Scripture references were chosen well and an overall tone of love, grace and encouragement was felt while reading.

“Donna Carter is not afraid to share her personal character shaping stories, offering hope and reminding us that God intends for us to be transformed but not perfect.”Our ordinary lives can have deep significance when we live intentionally and take risks. But they tend to become superficial if we don’t.” If you read this book get ready to start taking on new adventures with a lighter heart and a greater sense of purpose.”

“Drawn in by the absolutely adorable book cover, I soon found myself just as enamored with the written words. Not only with a change of attitude, perspective and actions, but also including a sincere change of heart, many sectors are explored with personal stories, faith moments, and strategies, all brought together at the end with questions to discuss and actions to try. Perfect for a Bible Study, group discussion, sermon series or personal read, I thought this book was dynamically written with such a possible positive result.”savurbks review (read more)

Kick the Boring Out of Your Life and choose your own adventure!

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how to get out of a boring life

Buy your copy for $16.00

Want more than the book?  Donna is available to speak and connect directly with the women in your small group, church and retreat!  Book a weekend retreat or have Donna speak at your event    and Kick the Boring Out of Your Life!