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Join Donna and Kevann, her daughter, every Tuesday as they talk about faith and everyday life.  Understanding the busy lives of women, Donna believes in highlighting the importance of growing in relationship with God. Find some time to listen to this encouraging and challenge women’s podcast.

Grab a coffee, find a comfortable spot and start listening!


Season 2 Episode 25Resolve Relationships: It’s Not Okay – Choosing to forgive someone doesn’t mean that what happened to you is okay. It means you are evicting an unwelcome tenant (pain) from your life. Kevann and I get really practical about the actual process of forgiving someone. We talk about how long it takes, what to do when it seems it’s not working and what it feels like when you reach the end.


Season 2 Episode 24Resolve Relationships: The Shape of Justice – Forgiveness is so terribly hard because we have a strong sense of right and wrong. We want wrongs to be righted. Learning to let someone off our hook means we need to understand that God holds justice in His hands, and He is always just. In this podcast, Kevann shares a deep wound even I was unaware of and how she is claiming back her dignity by walking the path of forgiveness.


Season 2 Episode 33Resolve Relationships:Forgiveness and Alternative Therapies – If you are alive on this planet, you have been wronged. This podcast finds Kevann and me talking about painful wounds in our early lives. I share what an unfortunate confrontation with a duck taught me about alternative therapies to forgiveness. We all have choices to make when we get hurt and while forgiveness isn’t the most intuitive choice, it is the only when that helps us reclaim our power and dignity.


Season 2 Episode 32Living Generously – How to Get Rich Quick – Hanging on to money just isn’t good for us. Kevann and I look at the “curse of the lottery” and how giving, not getting is the recipe for joy. We also dig into the extravagance of God and how, when we really grasp it, it inspires joy and generosity in us.



Season 2 Episode 31Why Living Generously is Worth It – This Grow on the Go podcast finds Kevann and me discussing both the obvious and not so obvious upside and downside to giving. Our conversation finds us admitting our times of stinginess and what we’ve learned about the joy of giving when we took the risk to be generous. We also unpack what the Bible says about the profound link between joy and giving.


Season 2 Episode 30Ask the Right Questions: Not Why, but Who and What – When life takes a bad turn we often ask God, why? But if we know what kind of a God He is, that He is compassionate, committed and in control, we don’t really need to know why. Having acknowledged that, Kevann and I talk about who Jesus revealed God to be, and that he can handle all our questions.


Season 2 Episode 29How to Stop Trying to Control the Universe – This podcast finds Kevann and me discussing how we first learned we are natural control freaks and how learning to surrender that desire to God makes life so much easier. Our meandering conversation takes us from breastfeeding to atomic physics and lands on Colossians 1:16-17. We also unpack what Romans 8:28 really means when it says, “All things work together for good”


Season 2 Episode 28Lambasting God and Other Ways to Manage Your Emotions – There are really only three or four ways we can manage our emotions and most of them are destructive. Kevann and I look these and talk about their consequences. Then we talk about the outrageous way David dumped his overcharged on emotions on God and why that works.



Season 2 Episode 29 – How to Stop Trying to Control the Universe – This podcast finds Kevann and me discussing how we first learned we are natural control freaks and how learning to surrender that desire to God makes life so much easier. Our meandering conversation takes us from breastfeeding to atomic physics and lands on Colossians 1:16-17. We also unpack what Romans 8:28 really means when it says, “All things work together for good”


Season 2 Episode 28 – Lambasting God and Other Ways to Manage Your Emotions – There are really only three or four ways we can manage our emotions and most of them are destructive. Kevann and I look these and talk about their consequences. Then we talk about the outrageous way David dumped his overcharged on emotions on God and why that works.


Season 2 Episode 27 – Managing Your Emotions When Someone Pushes Your Buttons – Kevann is back with a new last name! Together we explore why certain people or experiences trigger disproportionately strong emotions in us. Our emotions are like an early warning system for our hearts but they don’t always tell us the truth. In this podcast, we talk about how we can teach our heads to talk to our hearts and the value of telling ourselves the truth.


Season 2 Episode 26 – Making Spaces : Watching Your Gauges – While Kevann honeymoons, Victoria and I talk about two more areas where we need to make space in our livesto live with freedom. The first is in our finances. We chat about how our values surrounding our use of money determines not only how much we spend but how we spend. If we fail to monitor our financial gauge, it can leak into every other area of our lives and if we don’t pay attention to our spiritual gauge we can miss the point of life entirely!


Season 2 Episode 25 – Making Space: Your Energy Account – Victoria and I continue our discussion on ways to make space in our lives in the areas of our emotional and physical energy. We talk about the consequences of no negative space in areas like resenting people close to us for having needs and even burn out or depression. We can’t “honour God with our bodies” unless we are aware of our emotional and physical energy levels and what we can do to refuel.

Season 2 Episode 24 – Making Space: It’s About Time – This week, we begin a new series all about making space in our lives. Filling in for Kevann is my niece Victoria Erhardt and we talk about how the design concept of negative space can apply to our schedules. We discuss the idea of Sabbath and how many Christians feel more guilty for not working on Sunday in violation of culture’s values than for working in violation of God’s. Listen to thoughts from both business and Bible that reveal how taking time to nurture our spirits and relationships actually makes us more productive.

Season 2 Episode 23 – Difference Makers: Kendall Delamont – For some people teaching is far more than a job, it is a calling and a divine assignment. My older daughter Kendall is someone who goes to school each day looking to heap love on kids that are sometimes not very lovable. I’m excited to have her share some stories with you about the way she’s seen stubborn love become a powerful change agent in the lives of kids.


Season 2 Episode 22 – Difference Makers: Becky Matchullis – My dear friend Becky is one of the wisest, most compassionate people I know. Having experienced her skilled coaching in a period of my life when I felt stuck, I wanted our listeners to hear about the difference she makes, especially in the lives of people in transition. Who knew that being asked the right question at the right time could make so many lights go on so that the world suddenly makes sense?


Christian women's speaker Donna CarterSeason 2 Episode 21 – Difference Makers:Randy Carter  – I have some difference-makers right in my own family. At long last, I introduce my husband Randy (and Kevann’s dad) to our Grow on the Go followers. Randy and I chat about his volunteer work in a local school and how through a simple breakfast program he has managed to smuggle Jesus into a place rife with social and economic problems.


Season 2 Episode 20 – Difference Makers: Kaura-lea Dueck – Donna reconnected with a childhood friend of Kevann’s who is definitely a difference maker! I remember Kaura-lea Dueck as a shy little ballerina from birthday parties, but now she has grown up to be a warrior who fights for the physical and spiritual freedom of sexual slaves in Thailand. She shares the process of God calling and preparing her for a mission she could never have envisioned for herself— and also the joy that she experiences in bringing the light of God’s love into some very dark places.

Season 2 Episode 19 – Fighting Back : How to Handle Satan and Sin in Your Daily Life – Kevann’s experience in the wrestling ring (of all places) acts as a springboard to discuss Paul’s teachings about how we handle our daily run-ins with Satan and his forces. We talk about practical ways to reduce his sway over our lives and how to recognize his involvement. We also recognize God’s hand in holding back evil and Paul’s teaching in Thessalonians about the day that restraint is removed.

Season 2 Episode 18 – Follow the Leader – Everybody is influenced by somebody. Parents, teachers, and celebrities can be a wonderful example or a terrible warning. Kevann and I talk about influence: those who’ve influenced us, the ways we discovered our influence over others, and Paul’s influence on the early Christians of Thessalonica. They were so impressed by his leadership that it changed them in ways that affect the way Christians are viewed to this day.


gotg - owners guideSeason 2 Episode 17 – An Owner’s Guide to Sexuality – Like the residents of first Century Thessalonica, we are living in a culture that is more than sexually permissive. It is sexually insistent! This is having an effect on today’s Christians just like it had on those addressed by the Apostle Paul in these letters. In this podcast, Kevann and I chat about how we can apply Paul’s teaching to those who want to maintain their purity today.


ian-schneider-108618Season 2 Episode 16 – Game plan for a New Year – We open 2018 by chatting with my friend, Life Coach, Becky Matchullis. What are the pros and cons of News Years Resolutions? Are they healthy or even effective? Becky gives us practical suggestions for making this year better than the last by giving us great questions to ask ourselves as we transition from one year to the next.


gotg - hope of emmanuelSeason 2 Episode 15 – The Hope of Emmanuel – As Christmas approaches, Donna and Kevann talk about the name given Jesus: Emmanuel. Understanding what that really means, even in our worst-case scenarios, can change everything. Knowing that God is with us is the beginning of all hope whether the season of life we are in is beautiful or excruciatingly painful.


gotg female friendly gospelSeason 2 Episode 14 – The Female Friendly Gospel – In this podcast, Kevann and I talked about why Luke is estrogen compatible. Luke’s perspective on Jesus interactions with women was different from the other gospel writers because he was not Jewish. Kevann was very excited to learn that Jesus really was a feminist. Listen and learn why we come to that conclusion.


gotg - humanity of jesus

Season 2 Episode 13 – The Humanity of Jesus – Why He Never Dipped into His Divinity. – In this first of two episodes on the Gospel of Luke. Kevann and I talk about the humanity of Jesus and how it is truly amazing that in his 33-year lifespan, Jesus never once played the God-card. He disguised his divinity so that he would be “in every way like us except without sin.” Listen to find out why it’s so important that Jesus never dipped into his divinity while he lived on earth.


gotg social media and authenticitySeason 2 Episode 12 – Is Social Media Taking Away from Authenticity and Intimacy? – How authentic are you online? For a lot of people, it’s more fiction than biography. Kevann and I chat about the relationship between authenticity and intimacy. We look at ways overuse of Facebook can cause envy, disengagement with real friends and even depression. I introduce some ways to reflect on our use of social media and realize we are so much more valuable than the total of our “likes” we get each day.

gotg - okay to break up via text imageSeason 2 Episode 11 – Is it Okay to Break Up with Someone via Text Message? – Unpack some recent research about technology’s effect on our Emotional Intelligence and learn ways we can grow our empathy muscles.



toxic tech part 1Season 2 Episode 10 – Is Technology Making Life Better or Worse? – Can tech turn toxic? On this episode of Grow on the Go, Kevann and I debate whether technology is making life better or worse in a new multi-part series.



christians and the occult

Season 2 Episode 9 – Christians and the Occult (Part 2) – Can Satan read our minds? In this continued discussion, we address that question and also ways we can unknowingly invite Satan’s influence in our lives.



Christians and the OccultSeason 2 Episode 8 – Christians and the Occult – Some areas like engaging in witchcraft and refusing to forgive others are directly approached in the Bible and others could be considered grey areas.


Dear Younger MeSeason 2 Episode 7 – Dear Younger Me – Recognizing God’s Love – Joyce Rempel shares how God used everything from books to awe-inspiring natural phenomena to bring her closer to Him and create a spirit of gratitude.



Terry-Schmidt-768x432Season 2 Episode 6 – Dear Younger Me – Holding Plans Loosely – In the latest episode of Grow on the Go, long time friend Terry Schmidt discusses how she learned to give control to God and trust in His promise.



dc gotg image

Season 2 Episode 5 – Dear Younger Me – Lead with Love – This week’s episode of Grow on the Go continues our Dear Younger Me series, only this time, the tables have turned! I (Kevann) ask my Mom (Donna) about some of the big changes she’s gone through in the past few years. We discuss how childhood fibs, the love of performing, and the desire to “sparkle” (her word, not mine) were all symptoms of the fear of not being enough. We also chat about how God used some seriously disheartening experiences to show Donna how to lead with love.

Donna-and-Kevann-Carter-e1506439130389-768x432Season 2 Episode 4 – Dear Younger Me – Look Inward, Love Outward – Kev’s openness about the competition she engaged in and the resulting hatred she felt for other girls and women is something that I believe will resonate with all kinds and ages of women. The two of us chat about the paradigm shift that enabled her to drop out of the competition, appreciate the art and accomplishments of others, and enjoy being your unique self. She leaves us with a profound passage from The Message, Galatians 6:1-5

christian-gertenbach-141756-768x432Season 2 Episode 3 – Dear Younger Me – In Spite of Myself

Donna’s new friend Hilarie shares what she has learned and wishes she knew long ago. Having only become a Christian in her forties, she had a lot of unhealthy choices to overcome and patterns to conquer.




Season 2 Episode 2 – Dear Younger Me – Finding Your Voice – Donna talks to her 70 something friend Helene about recently learning to freely express her true self. Helene long feared losing love if she ever honestly voices her opinion. In speaking to her younger self, she describes how she overcame that fear and what it’s like to find your voice after so many decades of leaving her thoughts unexpressed.


Dear Younger Me - Shirley ThiessenSeason 2 Episode 1 – Dear Younger Me – From Entitlement to Gratitude – Grow on the Go listeners will hear from women with a variety of life experiences with letters to share. This week, I’m chatting with my friend Shirley Theissen about how a traumatic loss in her forties taught her to live in surrender to God, rather than expecting God to reward her “good behavior” and obedience with blessings. As Shirley tells her younger self what she wishes she knew much earlier in her life, other younger women can lean in and learn from Shirley’s experience.


#49 – Friend Me – Lessons in Loneliness – In this final episode of the series based on my book Friend Me, Kevann and I chat about when loneliness becomes destructive and when it is redemptive. Sharing from personal experiences of friendlessness, learn why sometimes God isolates us for a time, not to punish us, but to draw our attention to our relationship with Him or another important relationship we’re neglecting. We’ll also explore the parable of the vine and the branches to see why trying to get from others what only God can give results in frustration and even deeper loneliness.

Friend-Me-How-to-Find-a-Friend-768x432#48 – Friend Me – How to Find a Friend – Have you ever had struggles finding friendship, especially in new chapters of life? Getting practical, real-world strategies for forming new friendships.

Friend Me Surrender-Your-Expectations-768x432#47 – Friend Me – Surrender Your Expectations – Virtually all the anger, stress and conflict we experience in life is inflicted on us because of our expectations.



Friend Me The-Road-Less-Traveled-768x432#46 – Friend Me – The Road Less Travelled – Learn why forgiveness is a path we choose to walk and how to know you’re at the end when you get there.



Friend-Me-Courage-to-Confront-768x432#45 – Friend Me – Courage to Confront – There are times when we get to a place in a relationship where the only way to continue together is to have a confrontation.




#44 – Friend Me – Evaluating Relational Health – After talking over the past few programs about toxins in friendship, Kevann and I felt it was time to discuss how to figure out which friendships can and can’t be saved. We’ll also look at effective ways to walk away leaving our former friend’s heart and dignity intact.


Friend-Me-It’s-All-About-Me-e1494347274608-1600x600#43 – Friend Me – It’s All About Me – This podcast continues to unpack relational toxins like narcissism. Kevann and Donna talk about our experiences of both experiencing and being this person in a relationship. We’ll compare this attitude to Jesus’ example and His instructions for how to live in our connections with others. Donna will give her thoughts on how to help both parties in a friendship infected with narcissism grow up.


Friend-Me-Are-You-Satisfied-1600x600#42 – Friend Me – Are you Satisfied? – Discontentment is the fuel our economy runs on. That may be healthy for GDP, but it is toxic to individuals and their friendships. This week, we’re talking about how the attitude of wanting more/better/different is infectious. Plus, we’ll share our own struggles with discontentment and what the antidote is.


Friend-Me-I-Want-What-Shes-Having-e1493154062293-768x432#41 – Friend Me – I Want What She’s Having – Donna and Kevann continue their discussion of relational toxins. But on this episode, we’re going to sort out the difference between jealousy and envy. More specifically, why envy is so destructive to people and relationships. You’ll learn how God often uses others to highlight areas of brokenness in our own hearts. Remember that when we can forgive and love ourselves, then we can love and forgive others, even when their faults are painfully familiar.


Friends arguing

#40 – The Fragrance of Friendship – Donna and Kevann begin to unpack the characteristics of toxic friendships. We share stories of how we influence our friends, as well as how our friends influence us.  It can be profound — profoundly good or profoundly bad. But since no friendship is perfect, how do we decide if a friendship is dangerous to us? Some verses from Proverbs that can help! Finally, we’ll tackle the toxin of gossip: what it is, and how to manage it in your life and relationships.


#39 –   The Seasons of Friendship –  This week we are discussing the evolution of friendships. As we build intimacy and trust, we also become aware of things we don’t like about each other. Sometimes we get to a point where it seems the bad outweighs the good. What happens next determines whether you have deep, mature friendships or not. We’ll show how our friendship with God goes through seasons as well and talk about how to get past an autumn of disappointment with God.


#38 – Forging Friendships –  Donna and Kevann talk about how we can connect with people, build friendships and trust. Furthermore, we’ll also look at the beautiful story of friendship between Jonathan and David in the Bible. There are some really great lessons we can utilize in our own friendships. In particular, when someone we love is traveling a rough road.



#37 – May I Help You – Donna and Kevin discuss figuring out how to step into the pain, stress, and mess of another person. More importantly, how to do that in a sensitive and helpful way. As usual, we have lots of stories that illustrate how and why assisting our friends is worth the trouble. But should each person carry their own load or bear each other’s burdens? There is also an important distinction between the Bible’s seemingly contradictory instructions.



#36 – Soft and Strong – Donna and Kevann chat about how acceptance and accountability are really two sides of the same coin. If one of these qualities is missing, a friendship is either overly fragile or unnecessarily harsh. We’ll highlight both with our own stories of getting it right and getting it wrong to try and understand what makes a resilient friendship. Plus, we’ll go through several scriptures that teach us about the powerful yet compassionate friendship God extends to us. And ways we can offer it to others.


Friend-Me-Importance-of-Pom-Poms-660x400#35 – The Importance of PomPomsEveryone needs to be affirmed and encouraged. It’s almost impossible for us to reach our potential without someone cheering for us. As friends, we can be that pivotal person in someone’s life. Kevann and Donna talk about things they’ve learned about affirmation in relationships and Donna points out Scriptures that encourage us to encourage others with our words.



#34- Being at Ease – Donna and Kevann talk about another important characteristic of friendship: the ability to be at ease. They each share their own stories of how times of conflict and calm are treated in comfortable friendships. Donna shows us from scripture how we can actually be at ease with God. Instead of waiting for us to mess up, he waits for us to crawl up into his lap.


two-women-talking#33 – Authenticity – This week, Kevann and Donna talk about chapter 4 of Friend Me and the beauty of authentic friendships, as well as the frustration of plastic ones.  Donna shares how laying our hearts bare in the context of true friendship shapes our character and she teaches about Jesus’ response to realness and falseness in relationships.



#32 – Being There – The importance of availability in friendship.  Donna and Kevann delve into chapter 3 of Friend Me: Turning Faces into Lasting Friendships.  They reflect on times when their friends stepped in and made themselves available at pivotal times in their lives.  Practical ways to “be there” for friends and opening our eyes to the idea that Jesus is a constant friend.



#31 – Biology and Chemistry – Donna and Kevann continue a conversation based on Donna’s book Friend Me: Turning Faces into Lasting Friendships. They talk about what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. They also discuss how all friendships are unique and yet have at least eight characteristics in common. On this episode, Donna uses lots of personal stories to introduce us to the first of eight critical traits of friendship: affinity



#30 – Beyond Facebook – Donna and Kevann Carter begin a conversation based on Donna’s book Friend Me: Turning Faces into Lasting Friendships. They look beyond Facebook to compare the authenticity of online vs. face-to-face friendships and why the real ones matter.




#29 – Fresh thoughts on Old Words – Donna and Kevann talk about their memories of Christmas carolling and what those carols mean to them. Donna suggests that singing those familiar carols with understanding could turn a ritual into a reformation. She unfolds the beautiful theology in the archaic words of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” so that we can hear these old words with fresh ears.



#28 – Christmas Expectations and Disappointments  – Has your Christmas ever been Christmas card perfect? Donna and Kevann talk about where our Christmas expectations come from and how they often lead to disappointment. Additionally, Donna looks at the first Christmas and why embracing our disappointments actually leads us deeper into the heart of what Christmas is really all about.


#27 – A Thousand Words Paints a Picture  thousand-words-paints-a-picture-660x400– Donna and Kevann are back with all new episodes of Grow on the Go! This week, they chat about how one event can leave such a wide spectrum of perspectives among people. John was one of four writers who contributed to painting a picture of Jesus. Donna wraps up her teaching series on John by answering 4 questions:


collisions-with-truth#26 – Collisions with Truth  – How much does truth matter? Lying doesn’t seem like a big deal when it isn’t going to hurt anyone and if, in fact, it might actually prevent hurt. But what if it isn’t just a theoretical thing; what if Truth is a person?



life-diverted#25 – Life Diverted – Donna welcomes Lauren Klukas to Grow on the Go. Lauren shares her journey of having to abandon the life she planned for the different one God had in store for her. Donna gleans from Lauren’s journey the life lessons she learned along the way and helps us learn from her experience.



A photo by João Silas. Crop Christians – Kevann and Donna talk about the frustration they experience at their lack of progress in being more like Jesus: more patient, kind, etc. Often the ways we process that frustration can be destructive. We can beat ourselves up or give up altogether. There’s got to be another way! Donna wraps up her teaching of the vine and the branches (John 15) focusing on bearing fruit and helping us become bumper crop Christians.


process-of-elimination#23 – The Process of Elimination – Before they get to talking about how pruning eliminates unhealthy growth from a vine, Donna and Kevann take a detour to an unpleasant but in retrospect hilarious story about another type of elimination. They also discuss personal examples of thing that God has pruned out of each of their lives.


coming-home#22 – Coming Home – Kevann and Donna talk about the attraction of coming home and what that means for each of them. In this first of three podcasts on John 15’s parable of the vine and the branches and Donna teaches on belonging.



experience#21 – Experience – On this podcast, Kevann and Donna talk about how the same experience can affect individuals so differently.





#20 – When you feel invisible – Born into a family of strong leaders, Kevann talks about having her own leadership ability overlooked at home. Donna shares why she felt invisible growing up as the compliant child between two sisters.



gotg-wrestlingorresting#19 – Wrestling or Resting – After talking about the Carter girls’ strange love of wrestling, Kevann and Donna get down to talking about how our view of God determines whether we wrestle with him for control or rest in his arms.




#18 – Shadows in the Dark – On this podcast, Donna and Kevann talk about their own spiritual blind spots and how to bring light to dark shadows in life. In the teach time, Donna unpacks John 9 where Jesus heals a blind man in a weird way on the wrong day.



gotg-dinner#17 – Dinner and a Show – After talking about their mutual love of portmanteaus and various stage performance disasters, Kevann and Donna have a conversation about people’s motives for following Jesus in John’s day, but also now. In the first century many people were more interested in fish and bread than the bread of life.



#16 – Seek Healing – At last Donna introduces us to her other daughterKendall. Together they talk about Kendall’s amazing journey of being healed and participating with God in healing others.



gotg-stairwaytoheaven#15 – Stairway to Heaven – Did you know Jesus called himself the stairway to heaven? Kevann and Donna go from talking about the controversy concerning the song to the one surrounding the real stairway to Heaven.



gotg-ight-place#14 – The Importance of Timing – Timing is everything. Being somewhere right when something pivotal happens can change your life. On this podcast, Donna and Kevann talk about how this has happened for them in both trivial and profound ways. Make the most out of life and Grow on the Go!



gotg-embrace#13 – Embrace Your Creator – Kevann has experienced more personal expressions of God’s care for her than anyone else Donna knows! In this episode, Kevann gets very vulnerable as mother and daughter talk together about those very stories, how they express the intimate nature of the relationship God wants with us, and how to embrace it to the fullest.



#12 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Invest Wisely – Kevann and Donna chat about how we can invest our lives in things that really matter instead of adopting the short term investment strategies of our culture. Learn direction as to what the Bible says about how to form and weigh your values so that your investment portfolios are weighted for the long-term.


goto-travellight#11 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Travel Light – Our painful pasts,  present pressure and fears of the future can weigh us down and suck the joy out of life. Donna and Kevann discuss how an accurate perspective of God can help us leave our baggage behind.

gotg-seekjustice#10 – Seek Justice– Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that God just wants regular church attendance and general niceness from us. In this interview with Elise Shelly, Donna unpacks what it means to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.

gotg-pain#9 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Leverage Pain – When pain invades our lives we have choices to make. Kevann and Donna converse about their personal experiences and Donna teaches on how choosing God’s strategies for coping can leverage our pain for good.

gotg-purity#8 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Protect Your Purity– God’s design for sex is meant to help us live the beautiful life God wants for us. Donna and Kevann discuss what purity means for both singles and married people, why it’s so important, and how that purity can be protected in a sexually insistent culture.

gotg-words#7 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Watch Your Words– Today on Grow on the Go, Kevann and Donna discuss the power of words to inflict violence on peoples’ hearts or to breath life into a dying soul. The Bible teaches that our words can actually invite people to live or invite them to die. Donna unpacks this today and also the healing words Jesus speaks over us; words that can literally affect our eternity.

gotg_greiving#6 – Grieve with Hope – Donna chats with her friend Shirley Thiessen about how grief has brought them together and what God has taught them each through the loss of precious loved ones. Donna looks at what the Bible has to say about the home God is preparing for us on the new earth. She also shares how we can thrive until we are reunited with loved ones who are already experiencing the exciting life that God promises to those who place their faith in Jesus.

gotg-risks#5 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Take Risks – How can we get our of our comfort zone and do the things we dream of doing? Today, Donna and Kevann talk about what keeps us stuck in our ordinary lives instead of taking responsibility for what’s going on in the world around us. Donna will shows us through individuals from the Bible, as well as in present day, how to overcome feelings of fear and insignificance so that we can make a difference.

gotg-bridges#4 Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Build Bridges– Building Bridges is all about forgiveness and trust – not necessarily trusting people, but trusting God! Donna shows us through the lives of three unlikely Bible characters that God is with us in every relational firestorm we face and he holds our hearts. Kevann and Donna discuss why Christ-followers have no choice but to bravely build bridges and walk across them.

gotg-fence#3 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Build Boundaries – On this podcast, Donna and Kevann discuss how God has boundaries and he wants us to have them too. In fact we can learn a lot about building, repairing and maintaining boundaries by looking at the life of Gideon. Donna unpacks Gideon’s story for us and also gives really practical advice about how to modify our behavior so that others begin to treat us with respect.

gotg-think#2 – Kick the Boring Out of Your Life & Think Big – Today Donna and Kevann dive into the first chapter of Donna’s latest book, Kick the Boring Out of Your Life: Think Big, Take Risks, Travel Light. Life can be very busy but still leave us uninspired. Shifting our attention beyond our daily minutia can help us Think Big.

gotg-donna#1 – Meet Donna and Kevann and Grow on the Go – In the debut episode of Grow on the Go, author and speaker Donna Carter and her daughter Kevann discuss the busyness of women today, the importance of growing in our relationship with God and how we can do that on the go.