Speaker in Calgary


or chit chat  or visit  or shoot the breeze  or reach out  or get in touch  or connect  or meet  or touch base  or interact  or interface  or get ahold of  or talk  or access  or approach  or have a convo  or message  or communicate

I think maybe you get it….. it’s apparent words are a passion as the insertion of the thesaurus above indicates! So….do you want to visit?

Do you have questions?

Are you wondering where I would fit in your upcoming event/retreat?  Do you need to chat about  strengthening your ministry and how to share Jesus more effectively in your community?  Are you wondering exactly how much diet coke I drink in a day?  Are you bored and need to ask how to Kick Boring OUT?  Or are you a burgeoning speaker/author and need to pick my brain?  Are you an artist and just want to talk painting?  Were you recently given the opportunity to work with your church’s women’s ministry and have questions?  Are you planning an event where you need someone to share?

Whatever the reason, send me a message!  Either use the contact form or send me an email at the address listed below.

Email – info@donnacarter.org

Phone – 587 333-5300

**Nearest airport – Calgary International Airport in Calgary, AB.


Donna Carter is a speaker and author based in Calgary, Alberta. But frequently travels nationally and internationally to speak with women of all ages.

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