Grateful10 Things I Love About Fall:

  1. Boots!
  2. Crunchy leaves
  3. Brilliant colours
  4. Harvest moons
  5. Flannelette sheets
  6. My down duvet
  7. New TV episodes
  8. No mosquitoes
  9. Fires in the fireplace
  10. My husband lives at home…a bit more

I’m really a summer person. My favourite places are beaches and patios. I have to really talk to myself to avoid feeling depressed when the days get shorter and colder and the green grass disappears under a white blanket. But this year I really have no right to complain. We had an extra full month of beautiful summer weather and I soaked up every drop of it. When you get more than you’re entitled to, you really can’t complain when it’s gone.

As my family and I walk this sorrowful road of cancer we’re on I am reminded that I have no right to complain. Don’t get me wrong – the journey we walk is terribly painful. Every time we get bad news about my sister or my dad’s cancer progression I grieve deeply. It feels like getting my arm amputated one inch at a time. But I am aware that when you have a lot to lose, it’s only because you had a lot in the first place. Of all people, our family has been blessed. We enjoy close and loving relationships; we have traveled widely and experienced more joy than anyone has a right to. We can’t ask “why me?” Why not us? Who is richer than we are? Our God walks and weeps with us. He is helping us shoulder this load of sadness.  And He reminds us that this life is just the prelude. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared…1 Corinthians 2:9. I am grateful. I am blessed.

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