You and Me – A Poem from a dear friend

As I was clearing off my desk earlier this week I came across this poem that my dear friend Sonja wrote to me many years ago.  And even more precious is that I have a copy written in her own handwriting.

You and Me

2 friends


To Donna:

A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

You give me joy.

I tell you all my sorrows,

my secrets,

my dreams.

You understand

You laugh with me,

cry with me


pray with me.

And you never tire.

You never say no when I want to talk.

I often yell and seem impatient…….but please

Don’t think it’s because I don’t care

The love I have for you is as deep as

Anything between two friends can be.

People say someday we’ll



Maybe that’s true

But in our hearts, we’ll always

Be close together.

Our paths may separate

We’ll go our different ways but

One day we’ll meet again in a

Place far from here

A place made especially for friends

With dreams and

For other people who love each other as

Much as

I love you.


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