Dear Dad

Young_090  5 x 7I am keenly aware that I have a lot to lose only because I had so much to begin with.  Though I grieve in this season of profound loss, I am so blessed.  As we walk through my dad’s last moments I am so thankful for the earthly father I was blessed with.  This letter is just a snippet of how I know I am blessed.

Dear Dad,

How can I express what your steadfast presence has meant in my life?  You affirmed my femininity while instilling in me the firm belief that I could do anything I chose to do.  Your tender strength prepared me to engage in healthy, hope-filled relationships with men and women alike.  That bedrock of trust provided the foundation for the nurturing marriage Randy and I have enjoyed for more than thirty years.


Every day, you told your daughters that you loved us.  Having a dad who was affectionate, protective, and involved made trusting God with my life and easy leap.  Although our remaining time together on this earth is short, I will never outlive your imprint on my life.  You leave a legacy of serving God with your time, gifts and resources.  And of loving your family as well.



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